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Popularity, Universality and Inclusiveness through Table Tennis

Browse through our online library and be inspired by useful tips, best practises and guidelines, which are related to our TT4ALL Programme. We are constantly working on adding content.

Please contact us in case you have useful documents you would like to share with others in order to make table tennis accessible to everyone, everywhere!

Table Tennis for All

Manuals and toolkits

The manual provides opportunities to build table tennis tables locally to foster sports development and development through sport.

PING SANS FRONTIERES: Building Handcrafted Table Tennis Tables (6.5 MiB)

The main goal is to provide resources for teaching values in boys and girls from age 6 who benefit from the practise of table tennis being an essential tool to use sport for change.

ITTF: Sport for All - Values Education (1.3 MiB)

The toolkit's mission is to assist teachers in their work to instil in children the values of respect, equity and inclusion through engaging physical activities.

IOC & UNESCO: Sport Values in Every Classroom (16.5 MiB)

World Table Tennis Day


Click on the Dropbox button to download the WTTD Promotional Package in your preferred language and format:

Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, Dari, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tongan, Urdu and Welsh.


Striving for Gender Equity through Table Tennis

Inspirational storytelling and online seminars

What is the inspirational women series?

The inspirational women series are a set of interviews that spotlights women from our table tennis community – those who made it in the male-dominated world and who choose to go above and beyond. We hope it will inspire others to make not only their dreams come true do, but to help other girls and women to follow their dreams no matter how big or small. We definitely need more of these everyday heroes to achieve equal rights for everyone, everywhere.

Read their stories!

Manuals and toolkits

The Guidelines assist organisations in transforming their intentions to empower women and girls and advance gender equality into actual practice, based on measurable and concrete actions and indicators.

UN WOMEN: Guidelines for Gender-responsive Sport Organizations (19.9 MiB)

Language shapes cultural and social attitudes. To promote gender equity and fight gender bias, gender-inclusive language is powerful, avoids bias toward a particular sex or social gender, and therefore is less likely to convey stereotypes.

UN Development Programme: Let's speak gender (4.6 MiB)

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