Call for DBF Applications 2023 is closed

Congratulations to the 5 selected projects!

The Dream Building Fund powered by GSD is a biennial call for projects aiming to support initiatives that solve societal issues within their communities. The ITTF Foundation and its partner The Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD):

  • Provide financial and knowledge support for changemakers who bring local solutions to humanities most pressing problems aligning with UN SDGs, through table tennis;
  • Offer a total grant for individual project ranges from EUR 10,000 – 35,000;
  • Will fund five projects starting in May 2024, marking the fourth project cycle of the DBF;
  • Support lasts between 2 to 3 years;
  • Will communicate during the project lifecycle of the successful applicants in English language.

Who is it for?

  • Any legally established and locally recognised non-profit, table tennis, sport, or social organisation with a project of bringing about positive change in its local or regional environment through the means of table tennis.
  • The ITTF Foundation cannot support individuals directly; the support must go through a supporting or legally established organisation which is able to receive the grant.

What do successful applicants receive?

  • The chance to take your first steps towards your dream to improve the situation or conditions in your community.
  • The knowledge to use a fun, physical activity, to share and achieve your dream.
  • The support and guidance from ITTF Foundation to develop your project sustainable.
  • The opportunity to promote your project through ITTF Foundation channels.
  • Access to an international network and resources – not only the grant, but also: visibility, promotion, capacity building, equipment, monitoring and evaluation, transparency, and reporting on your impact, as well as storytelling and fundraising support.

For the first time, we have accepted applications in four different languages!

Application and selection procedure

For this round, we will accept applications not only in English, but also in Arabic, French and Spanish. For starters, here are the basic facts – go ahead and download documents in your preferred language:

Are you the changemaker we have been looking for? Here is what you need:

  1. A clear understanding of the societal issue you wish to solve in your local community – linked to one of the world's 17 most pressing problems;
  2. A solution that uses table tennis as a tool to transform and create a sustainable, social impact;
  3. A registered organisation overseeing the project.

All it takes to apply: a dream and the motivation to take the first step to submit your application! Take your time to go through the requirements, discuss your thoughts with people you trust and from your organisation, and then fill in your application to make it count!

Questions? Please get in touch with us at

Check out our successful applicants for DBF in the first three rounds

Thank you to all applicants for sharing their dream with us to contribute to the UN SDGs (Global Goals) using table tennis.

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