Solidarity through Table Tennis!

Solidarity through Table Tennis! The ITTF Foundation is the Social Responsibility Arm of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). We believe in the power of sport to provoke positive social changes. Our primarily aim is to promote the use of table tennis for development and peace.

Our Programmes

Making table tennis accessible to a wide range of people, focusing on disadvantaged groups; popular, universal and inclusive.

Supporting and executing humanitarian projects using table tennis for positive social outcomes.

Sharing the health benefits of table tennis on a social, mental and physical level.

Connecting people wishing to help with table tennis projects in need.

Promoting peaceful behaviour between different individuals, groups, regions and nations.

Leaving a positive social legacy following table tennis events in host locations.


Thomas Weikert, ITTF & ITTF Foundation President

The establishment of the ITTF Foundation, unanimously endorsedby the AGM in May 2018, was a right decision to keep increasing table tennisparticipationand awareness ofour sport all around the globe, especially its power for a positive social change. We now have two very much aligned and closely together working organisations. On the one hand the ITTF, as definedin its strategic plan, responsible for the governance and development of the sport for thebenefit of over 30 million competitive players, as well as representing our 226 Member Associations. On the other hand, we have the ITTF Foundation aiming to promote and use table tennis for purposes of development and peace. Competition and excellence;social responsibilityand recreationare linked by the passion for table tennis.

An exciting and promising startof the ITTF Foundation lays behind us and many auspicious projects are on the horizon. I personally hope and wish that our world-wide community feels represented by our Foundation and gets involved as this is a wonderful tool for everybody. Table Tennis. For All. For Life.

Thomas Weikert
ITTF & ITTF Foundation President

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