How we work

Our structure

The ITTF Foundation was established by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

However, the ITTF Foundation is not part of the ITTF. It is a not-for-profit Foundation established under German law in March 2019 and is financially and organisationally independent. Though, there is a close relationship between both institutions reflected by the presence of several shared positions. The ITTF Foundation is managed and guided by Leandro Olvech, the former ITTF Development Director who puts his experience and knowledge gained in over 10 years with ITTF Development to achieve the best possible results.

Organisational chart

Our Interns & Volunteers

Isabel Hänsgen - Dream Building Fund Intern

Francis Frimpong - Table Tennis for Health Intern

Léa Huré - Table Tennis for Health Intern

Tiffanny Yang - General Intern


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