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TT@WORK is corporate culture brought to life. TT@WORK is the table tennis feel-good oasis directly in the company. TT@WORK is the lively exchange between employees.

Project aim:

TT@WORK provides a great opportunity to motivate employees and to promote communication between them.

We have developed TT@WORK as an approach that positively influences corporate culture since it is tailored to the health and well-being needs of employees in companies.

Supported by and in cooperation with Table Tennis England

Contribution to the Global Goals

Target 3.4: By 2030, reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being.

Why every company needs table tennis

The staff is the most important capital asset of a company and the key for success. This is the very reason why corporate culture has become one of the most important factors in a company. Corporate culture directly impacts the behaviour, actions, attitudes, values, and beliefs held by the organisation and its employees.

Nowadays, the concern is no longer about having the right qualified people in the right place at the right time. The modern employee is more concerned about finding an employer who shares the same beliefs and values as them. Today, employees want to feel valued, be recognised as an important part of the team and feel like their contribution to the work actually matters.

So the question is, do companies make an effort to motivate and inspire their employees? Or do they simply reach their targets using means of pressure and overtime? In the long run, ignoring the corporate culture definitely comes at a price. Promoting a positive corporate culture, however, brings significant benefits.

Introducing table tennis into the work environment is a great opportunity for companies to show their appreciation and recognition of their employees. Positive results for the company include:

Improving concentration, response and creativity of employees
Stimulation of brain functions, development of tactical thinking skills
Reducing stress, increased well-being
Healthy and safe sports possibility space saving, low risk, no contact sports
Increasing morale and motivation of employees
Inclusion anyone can participate, regardless of prior knowledge and position
Promoting interaction, team building and solidarity
Healthier employees less sick leave
Positive working environment, less fluctuation
Positive perception of corporate culture and the corporate image

What is included in TT@Work

Welcome to the new, creative, cooperative and entertaining working environment.

With TT@WORK, we provide companies with everything they need to successfully integrate table tennis into the on-site work environment. From setting up the necessary equipment on-site to providing the online platform for challenge somebody for a game, see the results, and organise tournaments.

Whether it is challenging colleagues, defeating the bosses, cheering on interns, winning the office trophy, or taking an active break together – there are various reasons for bringing table tennis into the company.

Our TT@WORK basic package includes:

  • foldable table tennis table on wheels
  • matching starter kit with table tennis rackets, balls, office trophy, posters and brochure with explanations, rules, tips, and ideas
  • access to our online platform TT@WORK – challenge each other, enter the game results to be included in the automatically generated rankings and statistics
  • table tennis coaching sessions, organisation of corporate and networking events, other services related to TT@WORK

TT@WORK Homepage

Further information about our new project TT@WORK*, please visit

*The project is currently only in German as we are first starting with Germany as a test market.

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