Making the Table Tennis Lifestyle – a Sustainable One

What is TT Legacy?

The aim of the TT Legacy programme is to raise awareness, provide solutions and motivate engagement of the table tennis community in the three fields of sustainability*: People, Planet and Prosperity.

Table tennis events and clubs are hosted and embedded within a community.

For this reason, the TT Legacy programme was created to promote table tennis events, structures and people, who bring a positive contribution to the well-being of its surrounding communities, natural environment, institutions and cause 'no harm'.

*Sustainability is 'a dynamic process which enables all people to realise their potential and to improve their quality of life in ways that simultaneously protect and enhance the Earth's life support system.' Forum for the Future

People is about identifying and managing our activities' impacts, both positive and negative, on people, communities, as well as their future generations. Socially sustainable table tennis activities address the human aspects of its initiative.

In focus: quality of life, well-being, access, human rights, fair labour practices, living conditions, health, diversity, education, equal opportunities, accessibility, social cohesion, dignity, justice, equitable distribution of resources and resilience.

Planet explores ways table tennis can bring solutions to reduce its environmental footprint and catalyse its energy to raising awareness about the need for biodiversity conservation

In focus: the manufacturing of clothing and equipment, the land used for venues, contribution to pollution, noise, waste, lighting and resource demand resulting from running regular activities and staging sporting events attended by hundreds and thousands of people.

Prosperity refers to practises that support long-term economic growth without negatively impacting social, environmental, and cultural aspects of the community. Developing table tennis activities which generate value beyond financial profitability.

In focus: cash flow analysis, resource distribution, service providers, supporting social businesses, stakeholders, circular economic solutions, technologies etc.

TT Legacy Actors

Ensure short- and long-term benefits of the event in host communities, throughout the event life-cycle: before, during and after.

Takes into consideration the holistic environment in which the club livelihood finds itself, people, natural environment, culture, partners, facility and structures.

All individuals involved in bringing table tennis to life: Athletes, Coaches, Umpires, Referees, Volunteers and Fans as changemakers who can play a positive role within their communities.

Looking at the entire equipment supply chain to reduce the impact of manufacturing, reusing, recycling, committing to steps towards a carbon neutral future, zero waste, CSR projects etc.

Why Legacy?

Early adoption of sustainable practises can offer a competitive advantage, gain access to impact conscious consumers and influence others in the industry by demonstrating economic savings.

    1. Set the example and raise the standards in our sport.
    2. The ethical and logical way forward: we are accountable for our actions as well as their direct or indirect impact.
    3. Climate change has an impact on our sport, this is how we can respond.
    4. Sport organisations that adopt and initiate sustainable programmes can open new opportunities to sponsorships that will increase goodwill perceptions of the surrounding community and fan base.
    5. Fan identification will increase towards table tennis organisations running sustainable programmes.
    6. Long term cost savings.

We want to hear from you!

We need everyone for sustainability, we want to hear from you! If you have an example of a sustainable table tennis practise, keep the ball rolling and get in touch with Field Programmes Manager, Karine Teow:

Play your part in making the table tennis lifestyle a sustainable one: Respect, Reduce, Return, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Refurbish, Care, Share and Innovate!

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