World Table Tennis Day Promoters share memories in 2023 and rally for registrations for this year!

One week to go to World Table Tennis Day 2024! The worldwide excitement for 23rd April is reaching its peak. As the preparations are in full swing, last year's WTTD Promoters are reminiscing about their experiences and urging more table tennis enthusiasts to join hands to create their unique events and celebrate the joy of the sport.


John Patrick Cisnero from the Philippines, reflecting on his role as a WTTD Promoter in 2023, recalls, "I led a series of dynamic events resonating with the theme 'Think sustainably, act now.' We united our community through table tennis clinics, tournaments, celebration programs, and even initiated the empowering gesture of donating nearly 300 pine tree saplings, fostering environmental consciousness and sporting camaraderie."


Temitope Lanre OGUNSANYA from Nigeria, being a WTTD Promoter in 2023, emphasizes the inclusive nature of the event, stating, "We raised awareness and impacted people of all backgrounds - genders, ages, and abilities. I aimed to use table tennis as a tool for development, attracting more people to play and then working with them to improve their daily lives, while also promoting the sport and its benefits to a broad audience."


Houri Aghamiri from Iran, representing Spin Club, fondly recalls the vibrant celebration of 2023, saying, "Our gathering was an absolute delight! We celebrated sustainability, infusing every moment with energy and joy. From enlightening discussions to thrilling games, it was a vibrant gathering that left us inspired and eager for more."


Renato Walkowiak of Chile, a WTTD Promoter in 2023 and for this year, is enthusiastic about showcasing the lively atmosphere of their past celebration in Santiago. Collaborating with Ping4Alzheimer, he extends an invitation to people worldwide to register their celebrations and be part of the global festivities.


These promoters' stories serve as a testament to the power of table tennis in fostering community and bringing people together from all walks of life. With their memories fuelling the excitement, there's no better time than today to register your event and join the global table tennis family in celebrating World Table Tennis Day on 23rd April!

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