Promoters workshops gather up momentum to World Table Tennis Day 2024: Over 400 events registered to date!

Six days to go to World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) 2024, and the number of global registered events has now surpassed 400! Since the launch of the first WTTD 2024 Promoters workshop on 23rd February, a series of planning and developing activities has unfolded. The dedicated Promoters from 29 different countries, territories, or Member Associations have been diligently creating and supporting celebration events in their regions to mark 23rd April in impactful ways. As the clock ticks closer to the global celebration, the ITTF Foundation, alongside the Promoters, recently conducted two more crucial workshops to further discuss and refine their initiatives, celebration plans, and challenges faced together, integrating the unifying power of table tennis with the spirit of Diversity and Inclusion in a practical sense.


World Table Tennis Day 2024 Promoters Workshop 2

The Promoters Workshop 2, taking place on 5th April, served as a pivotal checkpoint in the planning journey. Promoters gathered up to refine their celebration plans, ensuring alignment with the overarching theme of Diversity and Inclusion. Communication protocols were established to amplify the message of WTTD far and wide, inviting communities worldwide to take part in the festivities. Also, documents outlining celebration procedures and responsibilities were reviewed for the following execution.

The highlight of Workshop 2 was the effort to guarantee inclusivity and diversity within the Promoters’ celebration plans with the strategic guidance of the WTTD Diversity and Inclusion Handbook. Launched last week with support from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and in collaboration with Pro Sport Development (PSD), this comprehensive handbook is tailored to foster understanding and integration of diversity and inclusion principles across various geographical and contextual settings. Equipped with the practical guidance of the handbook, Promoters enriched their plans with hands-on strategies to cultivate an inclusive environment for all participants.


World Table Tennis Day 2024 Promoters Workshop 3

Building upon the momentum of Workshop 2, Promoters got together for a third workshop on 12th April full of progress and prospects. Updates on strides made since the last workshop were exchanged, accompanied by discussions on challenges encountered along the way. To facilitate engagement, Promoters were divided into breakout rooms, fostering deeper dialogues where ideas flowed freely, and solutions were collectively brainstormed creating a space where every voice could be heard.

One of the focuses of Workshop 3 was the introduction to the Pongmasters app and its role in advancing WTTD 2024 initiatives. This dynamic application features a range of functions, including the global mapping of table tennis tables (click here to access the step-by-step mapping guidelines), aimed at fostering a more inclusive table tennis community. During the workshop session, Promoters delved into the table-mapping feature, pinpointing and mapping out table tennis tables within their respective regions.


As the journey towards WTTD 2024 enters its last mile, we eagerly look forward to the upcoming fourth Promoters workshop scheduled for 18th April 2024. This pivotal gathering will be the ultimate springboard as Promoters fine-tune their preparations and solidify their roles in making WTTD 2024 an unforgettable moment.

Please come and join us in this remarkable journey, create a unique celebration, and register your event today!

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