World Table Tennis Day

What is World Table Tennis Day?

It is a celebration of the joy to play table tennis for fun, bringing people together where the focus is less on the competition and more on participation and fun.

It is a day to gather table tennis enthusiasts, attract people who usually don't play table tennis, promote the love for our sport, and ideally engage new players to the practice in the long term.

What is the purpose of the WTTD?

WTTD falls on APRIL 6, because that day was established by the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. The ITTF Foundation firmly believes that table tennis is not only a matter of competition; it is also a vehicle for positive social change, a healthy worthwhile use of leisure time and an opportunity to bring people together, an excellent tool for social inclusion & social cohesion. Table Tennis has a unique value where people from different ages, gender, skills or physical condition can play together. It is sport for life and It ́s FUN! Let’s use these characteristics to make our sport each day more popular, more universal and more inclusive.

Let’s celebrate and share our PASSION for TABLE TENNIS on APRIL 6!

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