Table Tennis for Education in Hoima


Honecric: Dream building in Hoima through Table Tennis
Start date
Project description

The project “ITTF - UNOSDP Dream Building in Uganda” started to operate in Hoima, a rural area in western Uganda. There are three main problems to deal with in this area:

  • Children dropping entirely from School specially girls to get
  • married or others just leaving earlier during the day.
  • Lack of integration with children with a disability.
  • Ethnical issues within the community.

Table Tennis is bringing drop out school rates to an unprecedented low level as the children must attend school to take part of the program. Social issues are also discussed with them and a positive message is as important as sport practice


To promote participation of children and youth in Table Tennis skills in schools. To teach coaches table tennis skills and how to involve children and youth with a disability in Table Tennis. To develop self esteem and confidence in both children and youth with or without a disability.

Target group
Children & Youth
Foundation funding
USD 3.000

Liebherr company, Uganda Table Tennis Association (UTTA), Hoima Network of Child Rights Clubs (HONECRIC), United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP), Right to Play, Aspire Dome


Between 2000 and 2009, a considerable amount of deposits has been discovered in Lake Alberta, near Hoima. As a consequence, Hoima is knowing a huge economic boost for the past years. The population growth increases fast (from 40,600 inhabitants in 2010 to 100,099 in 2014). However, the infrastructures of the city are not adapted to the population growth and it is especially the case for primary and secondary schools. At the moment, some schools in Hoima cannot offer sport courses to students due to the fact they do not have materials such as rackets, balls and so on… Here is a chance to give access to sport to the children by providing equipment to the schools and by training the staff members about sport

Project Content:

  • To train 26 coaches in table tennis skills, regulations and dynamics. HONECRIC and the Uganda table tennis federation will conduct a five days training for the coaches (two man and woman) from each of the thirteen schools to equip them with basic skills so as to be able to transfer them to the students in turn in their schools
  • To organize three girl’s table tennis championships named « Hoima girls Table Tennis Championships » once a year to encourage many girls to come up in the sport. This will help to reduce the fear and stigma among some girls who have not been to compete in the general competitions
  • To organize an inter-primary schools tournament and an inter-secondary schools tournament once a year
  • To equip the schools (primary and secondary) with tables, rackets and balls in order to increase sport participation within the schools


To contribute to improved quality of education, life skills and confidence of 500 children with or without disability through active participation in Table Tennis in Hoima district by December, 2021

Expected outcomes:

• Increased involvement of communities, primary schools, secondary schools, state and other non-state actors in promoting education through table tennis
• Increased essential life skills for children of 8-16 years, regardless of their sex or disability
• Increased retention and completion of basic education by all children
• Increased participation of girls and children with a disability in table tennis
• Improved school/institution environment to promote education and sports

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