Ping Pong Alkmaar


Ping Pong Alkmaar: Refugee integration through Table Tennis
Start date
Project description

To reach out to the refugee population of Alkmaar by providing attractive taster table tennis sessions on sites frequented by refugees and status holders and to start up a regular weekly session as part of the table tennis club "Ping Pong Alkmaar" with special attention to the "newcomers"


To provide table tennis activities for the whole community of Alkmaar (and around) with a focus on breaking down barriers and stereotypes of underrepresented people/groups, thereby encouraging integration and henceforth reduce inequalities

Target group
General public (local community), Immigrants and Refugees
Foundation funding
13,500 €

Alkmaar City Sports Council: "Alkmaar Sport", Dutch Table Tennis Association  (NTTB)


For the past few years, refugees came to Europe in order to get a better life. However, their integration into these societies are difficult due to the language barrier and the differences among cultures. Hence, sport represents a good way to integrate refugees into the society as well as sensitize local communities to the refugee cause. When playing together within the wider community, indeed, it will help break down prejudices and fears about migrants. Also, it helps to improve language skills naturally though communicating with other players about the game

Project Content:

An extensive and well promoted outreach table tennis program is delivered in locations frequented by refugees and status holders in order to attract them to play table tennis on a regular basis in the local table tennis club “Ping Pong Alkmaar”. Even if table tennis is an accessible low threshold sport, it is not easy to come across, that’s why the project offers special incentives to bring table tennis closer to the people, and encourage the use of the sport for social interation, less inequalities and better health


• To engage friendships and integration of refugees within the local community playing table tennis on a regular basis.
• To integrate refugees (especially children) into the club as a member of Ping Pong Alkmaar

Expected outcomes:

• The percentage of refugees taking part in table tennis sessions will have increased significantly
• Social barriers preventing a real integration and togetherness are lowered

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