FUDELA: Integration and opportunities for refugees, migrant communities with the local population of Ecuador through Table Tennis
Start date
Project description

In order to answer to the complex situation these people face after fleeing their home-countries, the project will create safe spaces for youth to prevent them from threats such as drugs or alcohol consumption. Table Tennis courses will be organised in order to develop relationships among communities


To use Table Tennis as a vehicle of change for youth and integration of Venezuelan, Colombian migrant and refugee populations with the Ecuadorian community in the North

Target group
Children (under 16), Youth (16-30 years), Women and Girls, Refugees
Foundation funding
30,000 €

FUDELA (Fundación de las Américas para el Desarrollo)


Ecuador is at the moment living an unprecedented migration flow of people fleeing from Colombia and Venezuela. According to Ecuador’s International Affairs Office, more than 954,000 citizens from Venezuela entered in Ecuador in 2018 leaving a great number of families facing exclusion, xenophobia and lack of opportunities. As a result, regions located at the north of Ecuador present high levels of refugee population including children and youth, most of them living in vulnerability conditions and do not have access to a good education and sport facilities

Project Content:

Creating safe spaces to play table tennis and promote life skills to youth and developing the integration of refugees with local population through table tennis. Moreover, the project will empower youth and local coaches who will disseminate the transformational potential of table tennis, to ensure the sustainability of the project


  • To create safe spaces that may prevent youth from threats such as drugs and alcohol consumption, violence, suicide, diseases, early pregnancy, school dropouts,… (More than 500 youth are impacted with safe spaces and educational activities)
  • To create awareness around table tennis in Ecuador in order to show the potential of table tennis as a vehicle of change, prevention and integration

Expected outcomes:

  • Merged table tennis educational, related content in FUDELA’s trainings sessions as a vehicle to promote life skills and resilience in local youth and refugees
  • Installed new local capabilities in youth leaders and local coaches with focus in the use of table tennis and towards the sustainability of the project
  • Strengthed the link between Ecuadorian and refugee population (through the involvement of families and communities in spaces of integration)

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