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Table Tennis for NepALL
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Project description

"Table Tennis for NepALL" was a motivating sample project that aimed to develop the practice of table tennis among people with a disability in Nepal, providing opportunities by empowering, strengthening and integrating them in using "para table tennis" as a vehicle for a positive social change


To expand Para table tennis among Nepal raising awareness and social inclusion

To produce more Para table tennis players, plus more trained coaches and disability right activists all throughout Nepal

To increase the organisational capacity of handling sport projects of the local organisations

Target group
People with a disability

United Nation Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP), United Nations International Working Group on Sport and Persons with Disabilities, National Physical Disabled Table Tennis Association of Nepal, All Nepal Table Tennis Association


Nepal was impacted by an earthquake in 2015 that caused the death of thousand of people and devastated fragile infrastructures. One of them was these infrastructures were the Table Tennis Centre. The ITTF with the its six continental members funded the reconstruction of the table tennis centre damaged by the earthquake, with its inauguration carried out on the April 6 as the official launch of World Table Tennis Day. A special focus was given to the reconstruction and adaptation of Table Tennis Centres to the needs of people with a disability, especially those affected by the earthquake of 2015. The purpose was to engage them into a sport activity affordable for them

Project Content:

  • Inauguration of newly renovated Para Table Tennis Centre and Celebration of the World Table Tennis Day (April 6)
  • To provide a venue for disabled people where they could practice sport


  • To create areas where disabled people could play table tennis
  • To make disabled people participating in a sport activity
  • To organise the programme in order to get a long-term impact (through the building of other centres)

Impacts and results:

  • The Table Tennis Centre was renovated and an access for disabled people was set up
  • More than two hundred disabled players received weekly training sessions

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