Solomon Islands Road to Recovery

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Solomon Islands Road to Recovery
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The Solomon Islands Table Tennis Federation used this program to reestablish table tennis in the Solomon Islands after the recent civil war. It ran three months of open night's play and outdoor tables were installed into schools in the Honiara area, culminating in a school competition between the six recipient schools


To rebuild community spirit and community participation in sport through table tennis

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Public in general

Foundation Global Sport Development


A civil war caused by ethnic tension has left the two main ethnic peoples of the Salomons (Quadalcanal and Milatian) very untrusting of each other. Most of the fighting happened in the capital city of Honiara. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate was really high, and the country was hit by earthquakes and Tsunami which caused massive amounts of damage. These two points led to the fact people have very limited money for sporting equipment and it is very hard for the National Federation to carry out any activities as nearly all equipment was stolen during the civil war. The Solomon Islands asked for help and many countries answered by providing police officers and soldiers in order to pacificate the country. Tat was the first step to lead to an improvement of the life conditions in the country

Project Content:

Installation of table tennis table into Schools in the Honiara area, culminating in a school competition between the six recipient schools. For three months, there were open night’s play available to anyone where people could practice table tennis

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