Mbale Tigers Uganda


Mbale Tigers Uganda
Start date
Project description

Mbale Tigers is a table tennis club in Uganda that combines the sport and education for children. The project sarted in 2005 conducted training courses at targeted pilot schools using locally made tables, together with equipment purchased through the ITTF Goodwill Fund


To use both table tennis and education for gaining the psychosocial development for youths

Target group
Children and Youth

Mbale Tigers, TWIGA (Swedish NGO), SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency)


The illiteracy rate was really high in Uganda due to the fact that the school was too expensive for the local population. Moreover, the infrastructures were destroyed during the civil war that happened recently. Both young boys and girls did not get access to school and sport facilities and it caused an improvement of juvenile crime. Few organizations decided to solve this problem by providing physical education sessions to young school children. That was the case and still be the case of the Mbale Tigers Table Tennis Club based in Mbale, Uganda. They started giving courses in several schools by using table tennis in order to engage children into sport participation and make them discover a sport activity

Project Content:

  • Daily training conducted by a coach trained by the ITTF
  • Arranging/Participation in tournaments
  • Education within HIV/AIDS-prevention, leadership, children rights, organization-knowledge and gender equity
  • Distribution of Table Tennis Equipment


Target more children 6-18 years rural Uganda in primary and secondary schools and their communities.

  • Distribute more Table Tennis equipment
  • Train more local Table Tennis coaches, umpires players and administrators
  • Improve the psycho-social development of the children affected by HIV/AIDS pandemic using ABC+++ Strategy.
    Increase income from fruit growing project through vineyards
  • Implement an award system for best girl and best boy players for the seasons, on an annual basis to include school fees, scholastic materials, welfare and sports promotional activities for tournaments and championships at local, national, and international level

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