Haiti Recovery


Haiti Recovery
Start date
Project description

As a first step, ITTF provided table tennis equipments in the refugee camps, as there were large numbers of displaced and traumatised children, who are looking for some light in the darkness. In the long-term, the project works on rebuilding the Haitian Table Tennis Association through building, replacing equipment and coaches assisting in various ways


To reestablish and expand the table tennis activities within the Island after the earthquake with a stress on schools promotion

Target group
School children and National Table Tennis Association

Olympic Solidarity, FIT, Haiti National Olympic Committee, Haiti Table Tennis Federation


In January 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti. The natural disaster caused the death of thousand of people and the collapse of plentiful of buildings such as Universities and Schools. The survivors are shocked and have to sleep outside. Moreover, they do not have access to food, medicines and drinking water due to logistic issues. This disaster was highly sensationalized and affected the world when pictures, videos and testimonies were published. The country was already in trouble before the earthquake and it caused a period of strong tensions emphasized by the fact that survivors lost everything they had. One of the most important population impacted by the disaster were the children. Some of them became suddenly orphans and could not go back to the school, so they started to walk around the street to seek for assistance. It is in this context that took place the program of the ITTF called Haiti recovery

Project Content:

The funds raised were used for a comprehensive development program, which started with an Olympic Solidarity funded course. An ITTF expert was based in the Island for ten weeks and provided educational services and advice to the next generation of coaches in Haiti whilst coordinating the use of the donations


Move into action quickly after the earthquake in order to assist and reinstall the sport on the Island. Development of the National Table Tennis Association trough the training of coaches and players

Impacts and results:

Training of 8 local student coaches, training camp with 34 local players

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