World Table Tennis Day 2024 to celebrate "Diversity and Inclusion"

In a world that frequently highlights disparities, there exists a special occasion devoted to honoring togetherness, concord, and the strength of inclusiveness. Join us on April 23rd as we celebrate World Table Tennis Day 2024 under the theme of "Diversity and Inclusion". Together, let us foster a global movement using table tennis as a catalyst for positive social change. This deliberate focus underscores the importance of promoting these values in our communities and the role that table tennis plays in achieving this goal at the ITTF Group. Read about the ITTF Group's Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI) Action Plan.


Why "Diversity and Inclusion" and how can you get involved as a promoter?

Because in table tennis and life, diversity is strength, and inclusion is unity. Table tennis transcends borders and unites people of all backgrounds, making it the ideal platform to champion diversity and inclusion. To amplify our message, we're launching the World Table Tennis Day 2024 Promoters Call, inviting passionate individuals worldwide to join us in spreading the joy of the game and promoting social change.

The Call for Promoters: Become a catalyst for change by becoming a World Table Tennis Day 2024 Promoter. Apply now and be part of this movement.

Benefits of Becoming a Promoter:

- Guidance and tools for success
- Financial support (EUR 750)
- Creative freedom to organize WTTD 2024
- Networking with a global community of table tennis enthusiasts
- Personal growth and leadership development
- Positive impact on your community
- Official recognition and support from the ITTF Foundation
- The joy of being part of a worldwide celebration.

The application process opens on 10 October 2023, and closes on 11 December 2023. Once selected, you will be contacted individually by the ITTF Foundation team.


Highlights of WTTD 2023

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