World Table Tennis Day 2020: Three is a Charm!

Just turn the calendar three times, then it’s World Table Tennis Day 2020!

One month ago, the event registration for the 6th edition has started. What did we do? What have we already achieved?

WTTD 2018 in Trinidad and Tobago

“Let’s make a change and grow together to be more popular, universal and inclusive” – that is this year’s WTTD motto, because table tennis is not only fun for us, but a tool to support our environment and our future!

In order to ease the organization for you and all the other event planners, we have already sent out three newsletters. The first one summarized the last five WTTD editions, announced the new topic of the sixth edition and distributed the WTTD 2019 report as well as the WTTD Toolkit in 9 languages. The second newsletter shared different tips to raise the awareness of climate change through table tennis and showed two past WTTD events, who have given us a very good example. Our last published newsletter revealed how it is possible to have an impact on the ecological environment in the communities by engaging volunteers for your event and how to get sponsors on board.

To get more information read more here:

Subscribe to our newsletter here, if you would like to stay up to date and receive more useful tips to make your WTTD 2020 event successful. We have also uploaded the Newsletters from 2019 on this website as well as created the webpage “Get inspired” to help you in any possible way to use table tennis for development and peace.

So far, we have 17 registered events in 14 different countries from all continents:

    • Africa: South Africa
    • Asia: Bhutan, India, Malaysia, Singapore
    • Europe: Latvia, Malta, Portugal
    • Latin America and the Caribbean: Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela
    • North America: Canada
    • Oceania: Federated States of Micronesia

We highly appreciate it, and we hope YOU will help us, too, to break last year’s record of 922 events in 107 different countries!

WTTD 2019 in France

To reach the countries that have already participated and even more, we are working closer with the Continental Development Managers of the ITTF High Performance & Development. But we need you as well! So, what are you waiting for? Help us spreading the word and organize your own WTTD 2020 event!

Last but not least, because of our friends from Latvia and Ethiopia, we were able to expand our promotional package from 9 up to 11 languages, which includes the WTTD logo in different formats usable for your own printing products, e.g. t-shirts, stickers, banners, etc. This means, it is now available in Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Latvian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Let us help to individualize your event as well! So do not hesitate to send us the translation of your language of:

    • World Table Tennis Day
    • April 6
    • Popular
    • Universal
    • Inclusive
    • Table Tennis for Everyone, Everywhere!

We are looking forward to welcoming YOU in the ITTF Foundation family and as an organizer of a World Table Tennis Day 2020 event.

Celebrating & Sharing our PASSION for TABLE TENNIS via #WorldTableTennisDay!

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