World Table Tennis Day 2020: Surprise Kits for the fastest Registrations!

Be the first to register a World Table Tennis Day 2020 event in your country and get an amazing surprise package!

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WTTD 2019 in Italy

Rackets, balls and shirts can’t wait to be used in surprising new locations. Tell us where you are based, how you are going to celebrate World Table Tennis Day and if you are the first in registering an event in your country, we acknowledge you with astonishing and practical table tennis goodies.

Germany has a new parcel centre. Located in our office in Leipzig, our staff is delighted with their new task; for the first time in the history of World Table Tennis Day, dozens of surprise kits are currently prepared for the quickest WTTD event registrations. It’s more than a mere gift. It’s our way to send you our love and thanks for making World Table Tennis Day to one of the most popular, most universal and most inclusive sportive events world-wide.

Join the World Table Tennis Day movement today and be part of an increasing community of table tennis lovers who go out of their training halls to show the world how amazing our sport is, so that more and more people get engaged with rackets and balls.

And this is what you have to do:

  • Check if your flag is listed here!
  • Yes? Sorry, no surprise package for you, but register anyway and get the chance to win incredible awards, which will be announced later on!
  • No? Good luck for you! Register your event right now and wait for our email.

Note: This is NOT an automatically generated email. We are real persons checking your application and happily surprised ourselves about all the creative ideas World Table Tennis Day is celebrated in so many places!! And as real persons, we try to give our best, we love table tennis and love quick reactions, nonetheless we might need a couple of days to contact you.

WTTD 2015 in Argentina

The ITTF has 226 members – a maximum of 226 surprise packages to send out.  

So far, 102 events have been registered in 64 different countries. And no worries, we will contact the ones who have already registered in the upcoming days!

Are you hooked?

And don’t forget: it doesn’t matter if your event is big or small, the important thing is to celebrate together on 6 April.

Celebrating & Sharing our PASSION for TABLE TENNIS via #WorldTableTennisDay!

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