World Table Tennis Day 2019: the celebration on social media!

Unbelievable scenes in Uganda!

The power of table tennis is truly uniting the people of Uganda. The streets of Kampala are a festival of sport and community spirit. This is exactly what World Table Tennis Day is all about.

United across all continents!

World Table Tennis Day is still going strong in all corners of the globe!

Inspirational Egyptian: Ibrahim Hamadtou

Following the motto “Nothing is impossible for those who believe”, Mr. Ibrahim Hamadtou, the famous Egyptian Paralympic champion, who plays without hands is the role model for this year’s main event in Uganda and will definitely encourage kids and youth to believe in their dreams!

Building up to a big day in Uganda!

This year’s main event will be hosted by Slum Ping Pong in Kampala, using the sport to break barriers and develop positive messages on children’s, girls’ and women’s rights. It will also include celebrations with Hoima Network of Child Rights Clubs (HONECRIC) in Hoima (Bunyoro).

Site visits to both the HONECRIC and Slum Ping Pong’s projects will provide an opportunity to showcase ITTF Foundation’s commitment to TT4ALL’s vision and to changing lives through table tennis.

Pakistan: Do try this at home!

World Table Tennis Day knows no boundaries, but home is always a great place to start!

Greetings from Japan!

Our players might be busy at the ITTF Asian Cup in Yokohama, Japan, but that doesn’t stop them from sending their best wishes for a wonderful World Table Tennis Day!

World Table Tennis Day Greetings

Let the celebrations begin!

For the very first time, World Table Tennis Day’s main event is being staged in Africa, when the spotlight will be on Kampala, Uganda.

However, with 843 events registered in 99 nations across the world, this is a day for anyone, anywhere to join in the fun!

Wherever you are, take a photo or a video and share it with us on social media, using the hashtag #WorldTableTennisDay!

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