World Table Tennis Day 2019 Report – A Sport for ALL Event

922 events took place in 107 countries on this year’s World Table Tennis Day! Not only did this catch the attention of governments and schools but also retirees and refugees. From the main celebration that took place in Uganda to Bermuda, Belarus, Sri Lanka and Tahiti, 700,000 people joined in.

As a globally recognized sport, WTTD 2019 made known that the table tennis community, the participating organizations, the ITTF Foundation and our sponsors; iPong and Butterfly equipment value Partnerships for development goals and practiced a shared respect for Diversity. World Table Tennis Day remains a sport for all; where everyone can take part in organizing activities to mark the day, play with others and spread the message of solidarity with their friends and community.

“My biggest acknowledgments are reserved for each single organizer and participant. It is thanks to your love for our sport that we keep going further, making table tennis accessible to everyone everywhere!“ Leandro Olvech, ITTF Foundation Director

Kids enjoying table tennis in school in Slovakia - every table is a table tennis table!

This year also saw WTTD awards given out to Absar Welfare Foundation, Pakistan, Arima Table Tennis Club, Trinidad and Tobago, JTG School Table Tennis, South Africa, PongFit, USA, NTK Vesna, Slovenia, Latvian Table Tennis Federation and children and youth centre, Latvia, Club de Tenis de Mesa UVG, Guatemala, Chouigi sports club, Tunisia, Tonga Table Tennis Federation, Tonga, A.D Badajoz Tennis de Mesa, Spain, Centro Cívico por la Paz, Costa Rica, Fundación Federico, Colombia and A.S.D Vigor Velletri, Italy. As a motivational incentive, the Awards aim to feature special 2019 initiatives, with a focus on showcasing exemplary and different initiatives each year, regardless of event size. It is not about the wealth of materials organizers have, but rather about the love for Table Tennis and sharing it with others.

Europe took the lead in the most registered events at 407 from a previous 288 in 2018 and Asia recorded the second lead with 275 registered events from 2018’s 140.

Marking a 115.7% increase in participation since the previous year, World Table Tennis Day is becoming more useful and popular as a platform for positive social change. Among the 922 events, 527 have engaged children, and 318 youth, 192 persons with disabilities, 228 elderly people, 16 refugees and 23 immigrants and other minority groups. ITTF Foundation’s mantra; Solidarity Through Table Tennis is finding its way into schools, parks, shopping malls, stadiums, beaches and local pathways and streets through dedicated organizers, creative initiatives and amazing participants each year! Together we are mending the social fabric for the better, with fun, love, laughter and friendships.

We look forward to seeing you on April 6, 2020 – World Table Tennis Day!

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