World Sight Day: Empowering Girls with Disabilities Through Sports

Commemorating World Sight Day on 12th October 2023, we share an inspiring story of empowerment. Disabilities can pose unique challenges to individuals' participation in society, affecting daily activities. Approximately 10% of the global population experiences some form of disability, with 80% residing in developing countries, which can exacerbate challenges, particularly for children.

In both developing and developed countries, people with disabilities encounter barriers in participating in sports and community activities, including traditional beliefs, limited sports infrastructure, and a lack of opportunities.

The Rising Stars Project:

The "Rising Stars" project focuses on empowering girls with disabilities, primarily through table tennis. Since 2021, it has supported 17 Afghan immigrant girls under eighteen, including two with hearing impairments.

One of the participants of the project - Roghayeh is a 19-year-old from Afghanistan with visual and hearing impairments. She has defied her challenges through table tennis. Despite adversity, she's made remarkable progress, thanks to her determination and dedication, as acknowledged by her coach, Mitra Ansari Far.

Creating a Supportive Environment:

The Spin Club, implementing the Rising Stars project, provides a nurturing space for participants, fostering collaboration and growth, emphasizing the importance of communication despite impairments.

The Rising Stars project exemplifies how table tennis can transform the lives of girls with disabilities, breaking down barriers and empowering them to reach for their dreams. Join us in creating a more inclusive and supportive future.

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