Ultimate Table Tennis and ITTF Foundation Have Achieved Sponsorship Agreement

On Day 8 of the 2024 ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships in Busan, a significant sponsorship agreement was achieved between the ITTF Foundation and Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT). This landmark partnership aims to propel the growth and visibility of professional table tennis beyond India's borders, with a shared commitment to leveraging the sport for social development globally.

Under this agreement, the ITTF Foundation will receive crucial financial support from UTT, reinforcing the foundation's mission of driving social development and positive change worldwide through table tennis. In return, UTT will benefit from enhanced exposure and growth opportunities, held outside of India, through various initiatives and events organized by the ITTF Foundation, notably at the World Table Tennis for Health Festival and the World Parkinson’s Table Tennis Championships.

Founded in 2017, UTT stands as India's premier professional table tennis league, providing a platform for elite Indian and international players to showcase their skills on a national stage. Through its endeavours, UTT has significantly bolstered the profile of table tennis in India and fostered its growth across professional and grassroots levels.

Vita Dani, Chairperson of UTT and an esteemed Governing Board member of the ITTF Foundation, alongside being the founder of the Dani Foundation, has long been dedicated to advancing table tennis and driving social development through sport. The sponsorship agreement, signed by Dani and Petra Sörling, President of the ITTF Foundation, solidifies a partnership poised to make a substantial impact from 2024 to 2028.

Leandro Olvech, Director of the ITTF Foundation, remarked, “This sponsorship agreement is the largest ever in the Foundation's history. Thanks to our President, Petra Sörling, for her instrumental role in initiating it. This partnership will elevate our World Table Tennis for Health Festival to new heights, empowering us to make a greater impact on improving people’s well-being through table tennis.”

With aligned visions and shared goals, both parties eagerly anticipate the transformative potential of this collaboration. From this pivotal moment forward, the partnership between the ITTF Foundation and UTT promises to elevate the global profile of table tennis and inspire countless individuals to embrace the sport for its profound social benefits.


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