#TTU update: The pandemic continues, so does our support where help is needed most

Another couple of months have passed by – unfortunately Covid-19 has not. On the contrary, it drastically increases again. Luckily, 57 donors have already joined our campaign with compassion and commitment. Hence, we were able to assist 41 individuals and initiatives and the support of many more is in progress.

The consequences of Covid-19 still affect people all around the world. Many are getting tired of limitations and restrictions, but many are facing even more difficult and uncertain times. Among those, members of the table tennis family also suffer from effects in various forms and feel their daily life disrupted.

THANK YOU again to everyone who has already donated to the common strive of solidarity through table tennis. For all those who would like to support the #TableTennisUnited campaign:

Organising the shipment of the donations attentively in packages for the supported individuals and initiatives at our headquarters in Leipzig, Germany.

The #TableTennisUnited fundraising campaign is still ongoing! We would like to encourage everyone from the worldwide table tennis community, who has experienced disadvantages due to the pandemic, to APPLY FOR SUPPORT. No matter if you apply for yourself as a table tennis athlete or coach, or even in the name of your club, an NGO, or a national association – we are looking forward to receiving your application!

More than 70 applications have already reached us from our members of our table tennis family worldwide. 41 of them are already being supported to transform their shared passion for table tennis into a solidary community. The other applications are currently in the eligibility assessment process.

Meanwhile, we have received numerous, very grateful and highly appreciated feedback from the worldwide supported individuals and initiatives benefiting from the generous donations (financial support, disinfectants, food, necessities, equipment, etc.).

The North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club is grateful for having received the big donation in kind package. Photo: NATTC

“We are absolutely delighted to receive this help from #TableTennisUnited. The equipment provided has proven to be invaluable since we restarted playing table tennis after the lockdown. Once again the table tennis family has managed to dig deep to help out within our community and put smiles on the faces of our players. We hope to be able to do the same in the future to help others as part of the global table tennis family.” Graeme Stevenson, North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club

You can see, EVERY single donation helps the local people to overcome the biggest challenges in these difficult times.

Maria Christoforaki – one of the supported individuals through the #TableTennisUnited campaign – giving table tennis lessons. Photo: Maria Christoforaki

"I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart ITTF Foundation for the help that they decided to give me! The Covid-19 time was and is really tough for all the people around the world. I was one of them by losing my job as a table tennis coach and my activity as a table tennis player! It's really hard to see that everything which give you pleasure and financial independence have stopped but the responsibilities to be active and waiting for you to be fixed. It was a big help for me to deal with my own responsibilities about my living in another country than I come from. I am sure you make many people happy in these difficult times. And I hope you are going to support the table tennis world with the way you do!" Maria Christoforaki, Greek table tennis athlete and coach in Sweden

We are very grateful for being able to alleviate the impact on the affected table tennis community in these times through the help of selfless and generous donors, and the overwhelming feedback encourages us to continue our efforts.

Watch the videos below from two supported organisations.

Aspire Table Tennis Academy - INDIA

Slum Ping Pong - UGANDA

Remember: Applications are still open as Covid-19 is dramatically on the rise again. Therefore, you are welcome to apply for help. Our grants panel reviews and considers all incoming requests for assistance on a regular basis.


And if you would like to join us and support our campaign, go to: https://www.tabletennisunited.org/help-now

Don’t forget: Keep staying positive and testing negative!

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