TT@WORK – a promising, health-benefitting new project

We are happy to announce the launch of our new project TT@WORK. It not only positively influences the well-being of the participating employees but reveals valuable advantages for the employer and company!

As part of our TT4Health programme, we are now bringing table tennis directly into companies: TableTennis@WORK (TT@WORK).

During intensive discussions with entrepreneurs and employees, we discussed the possible impact of table tennis in a company for their employees and employers. In this process it became clear: Introducing table tennis into the work environment provides a great opportunity for companies to show appreciation and recognition to their employees. Positive results for the company include:

Improving concentration, response and creativity of employees
Stimulation of brain functions, development of tactical thinking skills
Reducing stress, increased well-being
Healthy and safe sports possibility space saving, low risk, no contact sports
Increasing morale and motivation of employees
Inclusion anyone can participate, regardless of prior experience and position
Promoting interaction, team building and solidarity
Healthier employees less sick leave
Positive working environment, less fluctuation
Positive perception of corporate culture and the corporate image

Above this, there are more reasons for bringing table tennis into the company: Whether it is challenging colleagues, defeating the bosses, encouraging interns, winning the office trophy, or taking a physically active break together.

“With all these benefits, it is clear that there are only advantages for everyone involved through table tennis in companies. And that is why we are now supporting companies to integrate table tennis directly into the office with our TT@WORK project.Christian Belter, ITTF Foundation Marketing Manager

So, what’s in it for the companies with TT@WORK? Everything it takes to create a lot of excitement, fun, and team building in the office with table tennis.

We will help you to set up all necessary equipment on-site and will provide the online platform for challenges between employees, match results and internal company rankings. In cooperation with our long-term partners Sponeta, Butterfly, Nittaku, Hefu and EXA ONLINE, companies get everything from a single source as a one-stop shop, so to speak.

Starter kit for participating companies

Furthermore and depending on the needs of our corporate partners our service includes table tennis coaching sessions on-site at the company as well as the organisation of corporate and networking events.

And the good and solidary thing about it: Through the income generated by TT@WORK, we are able to realise and support more aid projects within our table tennis community all over the world.

Kindly note, that the project is currently only in German as we are first starting with Germany as a test market.

Special thanks also go once again to Table Tennis England and Table Tennis Australia, who supported us with their useful feedback, know-how and experience in the development of our project.

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