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For late comers or all those too busy to watch 1,5 hours presentation: here comes the brief summary about current opportunities for you to get involved with the ITTF Foundation as showcased in last week’s presentation.

TT Dream Building

Through the TT Dream Building programme, we support and execute inclusive, sustainable projects using table tennis as a tool for development and peace through various initiatives.

Dream Building Fund (DBF)

The DBF is an opportunity for anyone who has a dream to bring positive social change to their community by using table tennis through a legally established entity. The next round of applications is due to open mid-year 2021 for projects starting 2022.

Stay tuned to our social media or here.

If you’re not sure how to use table tennis or what you can change through such a project, check out our supported DBF projects or read the Stories of Change in our news.

Emergency Relief Fund (ERF)

ITTF has a history of supporting National Associations (NA) through difficult times. Through the ERF we have formalised this process in order to follow regulations how to respond when a NAs is suffering from a natural disaster.

More information on the process and application here.

TT 4 Health

TT 4 Health promotes an infinite number of health benefits on a social, mental and physical level through table tennis. Set up is easy, space requirements very low, anybody can play even without instructions.

#TableTennisUnited (TTU)

With our fundraising campaign TTU we collect since June 2020 donations worldwide to help initiatives and individuals who are struggling because of Covid-19. The campaign is set up to assist especially elite players, national teams and coaches, national associations and our existing field projects during these difficult times.

What are your options to get involved?

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Act now and support our global donation campaign with your contribution. So, join us, now!


TT 4 ALL makes table tennis accessible to the broad public, focussing on different kinds of people in terms of gender, social status, culture and physical ability and on the inclusion of disadvantaged groups, such as refugees, people with special needs, etc.

World Table Tennis Day (WTTD)

WTTD is annually celebrated on April 6 also marking the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. We want this day to be socially inclusive and use it as an excuse to celebrate our sport for one day. The ultimate aim is to keep as many people as possible involved with table tennis.

It as an opportunity for everyone, so not only for NAs, but private persons, NGOs, clubs, etc. We give you the tools to promote our beloved sport and to use it for social reasons, and you can organise and host an event – or if you’re still facing Covid-19 on April 6, 2021, you can also celebrate from home.

Next WTTDs topic:


→ because gender equality is not only a human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Stay tuned to our social media or here.

Table Building Course (TBC)

TBC is tackling the difficulty to acquire tables for local organisations by bringing self-sustainability and by giving locals the chance to produce their own tables and to generate their own income.

Our project partner Ping Sans Frontières is developing a practical workshop. By participating you can be educated how to build 4 different tables for development of sport in schools, local clubs, etc. and how to conduct courses.

Get more info here or on our partner’s website.

TT Legacy

The aim of the TT Legacy programme is to raise awareness, provide solutions and motivate engagement of the table tennis community in the three fields of sustainability: Economic, environmental and social.

Athletes Emergency Fund (AEF)

The AEF is for athletes who are facing an illness or another case of urgent need. Read more about it here.

So, there’s probably enough for you to choose from. Think about it and let us hear from you – the ball is now on your side of the table.

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