Triumphing Over Parkinson's: Naseema and Rajesh's journey from Durban to Greece

Earlier this year, the ITTF Foundation unveiled its partnership with Parkinson's ZA, with the aim of establishing a lasting legacy for the local community during the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals in Durban 2023. As part of this collaboration, the ITTF Foundation and ITTF announced the selection of one local man and woman to participate in the 2023 World Parkinson’s Championships in Crete, Greece. It is the first time that the event will have participants from the African continent!

Naseema Parak and Rajesh Nanjee, both of whom are affected by Parkinson's, have been chosen to represent South Africa. It's worth noting that their journey to the World Parkinson’s Championships involves nearly 24 hours of travel, including connecting flights, underscoring their courage and determination. Furthermore, they will embark on this journey without the assistance of caregivers. Let's celebrate and commend their bravery!

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Naseema and Rajesh's Story

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