Triumphing Over Parkinson's: Lizzi’s quest of spreading positivity

In February 2021, the Foundation featured an article about Elisabeth “Lizzi” Ildal. She continues to inspire us and everyone around her. A familiar figure both in the Parkinson's movement and the table tennis community, the Danish player is recognized by many for her vibrant and cheerful demeanour. Spreading smiles and positivity has become synonymous to her personality and we love that about her!

“I believe that it’s very important to have a positive mindset in life. To make the most of every day and never give up. You must fight for what is dear to you. I have Parkinson’s and fight to stay well and alive. Life is dear to me.

With a Parkinson’s diagnose like mine, there will always be challenges, and again it’s important to stay positive and remember, that it’s in the face of adversity we grow the most. Where there is a will there is a way."

Lizzi's remarkable journey in the world of Parkinson's advocacy and table tennis spans across an inspiring timeline of achievements. While she was diagnosed in 2013, in the same year was elected in the city council! In March 2016, she fearlessly went public about having Parkinson’s. In September that same year, Lizzi's determination led her to the World Parkinson Congress 2016 in Portland, USA, where she found herself recognized in the WPC book "Global Faces of Parkinson’s." Her resilience shone through in October during her three-week rehab in Spain, which saw her functional level increase by an impressive 22%.

With the birth of "Cure4Parkinson" in November 2016, Lizzi established a private training centre for individuals with PD, a testament to her commitment to making a real impact. Her passion for broadcasting led her to become a DJ on Radio Parkies in January 2017. Lizzi's journey saw her crossing borders, such as her attendance at the LIGHT OF DAY Winter festival in New Jersey, USA, and her role as a WORLD Ambassador and blogger for WPC 2019 in Kyoto.

The subsequent years were marked by a series of significant achievements and contributions, including her involvement in various events, campaigns, and congresses that showcased her dedication to the Parkinson's community. Lizzi's continuous journey led her to embrace diverse roles, from a Ping-Pong captain to a board member, all while maintaining her devotion to advocating for Parkinson's awareness and support.

As her journey unfolded, Lizzi's indomitable spirit remained unwavering, as evidenced by her participation in international tournaments, the establishment of the Rudersdal Neuro Table Tennis Center, and her recognition for her unique contributions. Despite challenges, such as a biking accident, Lizzi's commitment to her cause never faltered. Her journey culminated in her active involvement in the World Parkinson Congress in Barcelona and her advocacy for Parkinson's awareness through table tennis.

With each milestone, Lizzi has carved an incredible path of resilience and determination, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the Parkinson's community and beyond. Her dedication to pushing boundaries and making a difference truly embodies the spirit of unwavering advocacy and the power of pursuing one's passions in the face of adversity.

“When I wear my knots bracelet I feel a deep gratitude for being alive.

The diamonds on it are a symbol of intimacy, care, gratitude and strength, and I’m all about that. When I have these values with me, I can cope with the challenges of my everyday life and be there for my work, relations and my friends. The bracelet reminds me that I’m not an appendix to Parkinson’s, but Parkinson’s is an appendix to me.”

She is remarkable and her spirit is unbeatable.

If you too feel inspired by Lizzi’s incredible journey, we invite you to create your own motivating story by registering for the World Parkinson's Table Tennis Championships 2023. Click here and join us in making a positive impact and sharing the spirit of resilience in the face of Parkinson's.

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