Think global, act local – creating a light in December

In order to provide aid not only on an international level but to support our local community Leipzig, Germany, we joined the call for donations “A Light in Advent” – a local donation project with a big impact for the supported groups.

Even though we are a global foundation, we are committed to support on a local level, too. In November 2020, we read about a call for donations in the local newspaper ‘Leipziger Volkszeitung’ asking its readers to support fellow people and associations in need in Leipzig – as our headquarter is based in Leipzig, Germany – and the cities in the region. Seven different projects are to be helped this time.

Especially in the year of Covid-19, children from conflict-affected families and socially difficult life situations are struggling. The Meuselwitz residential group of the Innova Sozialwerk is giving these kids a new home, skills are strengthened, and a sense of achievement is developed to give them a good start into a stable, independent life. Above this, they put emphasis on leisure time: The children and young people in the residential group have long wanted a table tennis table and a bicycle shed so that they can safely store their bikes and the table tennis table.

“The ITTF Foundation's motto is Solidarity through Table Tennis. We use table tennis worldwide in humanitarian projects for positive social change. The city of Leipzig has been very supportive in helping us to arrive here locally with our internationally oriented foundation and to find optimal conditions for our work.
We learned about the Meuselwitz residential group through a report in the LVZ and are pleased to have the opportunity to implement our guiding principle locally in Central Germany. Together with Sponeta – our premium partner for table tennis equipment – we hope to be able to make a small contribution to positively influencing the future of the children in the Meuselwitz residential group. Therefore, the table tennis passion of the residential group is simply an ideal fit for us and support them wholeheartedly." Leandro Olvech, ITTF Foundation Director

Above all, we would like to thank our German equipment partner Sponeta, who provided us with a brand-new outdoor table for this special purpose.

Besides a table tennis table, an appropriate shelter in the form of a garden house as well as rackets, balls, shoes, training clothes, and other equipment found their way to the children in the residential group through our Foundation.

Honestly, we were quite overwhelmed about the received positive and grateful feedback.

"I am completely overwhelmed by the helpfulness of the LVZ readers and the ITTF Foundation, who make all this possible. It is hard to put into words how, in these times that forbid us to be close, we experience all the greater emotional closeness. This shows not only a high level of appreciation for the children, but also for the work we do in the residential groups and for the families who take advantage of this support." Andrea Teuber, Divisional Director of Child and Youth Welfare at Innova Sozialwerk

"So much helpfulness is almost unbelievable. The ITTF Foundation and all the other donors and supporters have not only given the children a tremendous Christmas present, but have also given them an experience for life: the good feeling of appreciation and cohesion." Kay Würker, editorial director of the Osterländer Volkszeitung

In order to change the world, we need to start or rather not forget to support our local communities. No matter how big or small the action might be, the impact can be so much bigger than one initially thinks!

So, think about an action you could do or continue to do in your community. And do it! No matter how big or small the human act – The receivers of your support will always be very thankful.

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