Table Tennis United Fund Closes Application Reception for Covid19 Support

Table Tennis United, the fundraising initiative supported by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Group operated by the ITTF Foundation, is winding down applications for initiatives affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This change in fundraising, comes as Table Tennis United is pivoting towards applications for other international crises, bolstering its mission to provide solidarity to the table tennis community.

After the war in Ukraine broke out in March 2022, Table Tennis United was expanded to solicit donations to help the table tennis community affected by the conflict.

Since starting in May 2020, Table Tennis United has supported 132 different projects, on all five continents in 57 countries. Donations for Table Tennis United have totalled over 250,000- EUR, from over 50 donors to ensure that the sport survived and thrived during the pandemic.

Bayarsaikhan Yadamtsoo, a Table Tennis coach from Mongolia shared with the ITTF Foundation how Table Tennis United was a lifeline for the academy she coached in during the pandemic.

“Because of the support we received through this project we were able to cope with one of the most difficult times since our Academy started,” Yadamtsoo said. “We could keep our activities running and help our players who struggle financially. It was such an unexpected and vital gift. A big thank you to everyone who made this possible and it is really encouraging to be part of this international community.”

Winding down applications for programs dedicated to COVID-19 relief, will allow #TableTennisUnited to be expanded to help more causes in the table tennis community. Only a short application is needed from the #TableTennisUnited webpage for projects to be considered for funding.

Current funds for Table Tennis United will be used for current initiatives supporting Ukrainian Table Tennis partners with the hope that one day there will not be any crises for the fund to be needed.

For those interested in donating to Table Tennis United to support our ongoing initiatives, they can visit this page. More information about active initiatives or what can be supported by Table Tennis United can be found here.

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