Table Tennis for Development Reiterated on the 50 years of Munich Olympic Games

The ITTF Foundation showcased how to use table tennis for positive social change through engaging and creative activities at Munich on a Path to the Future 1972–2022–2072, a series of events commemorating the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

Invited by our partner the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the ITTF Foundation joined forces with the German Sport Confederation (DOSB), The German Olympic Academy (DOA), and Engagement Global – Service for Development Initiatives (EG) to make the power of Sport for Development known and more tangible to the public.

During the first weekend of July, various table tennis activities were introduced at the joint stand. While each activity had a different goal, be it to reap the health benefit of the sport, assist with educational needs or promote gender equity, all activities were designed to be fun, easily accessible and contribute to one or more UNSDGs.


We designed the activities to show that table tennis can be used for multiple purposes, and it takes very little to use it for development. Table tennis for development does not need to be epic field initiatives. A small table, a few balls, some things to hit the ball with and some creativity, you are ready to use table tennis for development. - Ramón Ortega Montes, creator of the table tennis activities, ITTF Foundation Programmes Coordinator.

Activities that use table tennis for education have received exceptional feedback from visitors and participants including Britta Heidemann, Olympic Fencing Champion of the Beijing 2008, IOC Member and the German Sport for Development Ambassador.



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