STIGA Sports supports ITTF Foundation

More heroes were spotted in these difficult times: Sweden's STIGA Sports have stepped up showcasing their heroic status by bringing aid to those in need.

The 1944-founded Swedish sports equipment company STIGA donated a significant amount of table tennis sportswear & shoes to us a couple of weeks ago. This philanthropic act comes under the leadership of Felix Wirström, the Marketing Manager of STIGA, who came to us with this idea.

STIGA Sports have made a large donation in kind – primarily in the form of table tennis sports equipment and shoes. These were transported in over 170 cartons, which were delivered directly from Sweden to Leipzig, Germany.

In order to store the massive supplies, we had to get a new storage space for the delivered equipment. After going through and sorting all the STIGA supplies, we are now working on distributing the donations to the various current global initiatives and projects we have running.

This will bring a much-needed aid to children and adults in the table tennis community.

Some of their items were recently handed over to the Iran Table Tennis Federation as part of our Emergency Relief Fund. Currently, the Iran Table Tennis Federation is still in need of help to rebuild their table tennis training facilities, which were severely damaged by the great flood of 2019.

“We are very happy and take great pride in being able to help the ITTF Foundation in their ongoing quest to use our beautiful sport in order to create a better world" Andreas Zandrèn, CEO STIGA Sports Group AB

Everyone at the International Table Tennis Federation and ITTF Foundation would like to thank STIGA for the very extensive and generous donation in kind and we are happy to welcome STIGA as another great partner in our ITTF Foundation family. We are sure this contribution will prove to be very important in helping people in a wide variety of countries and regions.

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