Shortlisted for two Coronavirus Innovation Awards 2020!

We are thrilled to announce that Sport Business Awards released the nominees for the Coronavirus Innovation Awards last week, the ITTF Foundation is a finalist in two categories.

Back in May 2020, we’ve already received the marvellous news that our work within our programmes TT Dream Building and TT 4 Health has been internationally recognised by having been a finalist in two categories for the Sports Business Awards. Last week, we’ve once again received such excellent news!

It is no news that Covid-19 changed everyone’s life, including our work life. In order to acknowledge outstanding responses during the Covid-19 pandemic, Sports Business Awards has established the “Coronavirus Innovation Award” with three sub-categories: Protection, Compassion, and Communication. We, the ITTF Foundation, have been nominated in the categories “Compassion” with our #TableTennisUnited (TTU) fundraising campaign and in “Communication” with our TT 4 ALL project World Table Tennis ‘at Home’ Day (WTTAHD).

WTTAHD was our first response to this health crisis: Despite all obstacles, new strength and new ideas pushed us to transform the usual World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) celebrations with people gathering, simply having fun and playing table tennis into a digital celebration from home. 6 April 2020 was all about being physically distanced but socially united, focussing on the power of table tennis to stay safe, active and healthy at home to fight Covid-19.

“I remember when Covid-19 was on the rise and one restriction after another was announced. Everything felt chaotic and frustrating at first, especially since the 6th edition was my first experience with the WTTD, and the project was one of my biggest responsibilities working at the ITTF Foundation. Gladly, we saw it as an opportunity to support the WTTD family because no one should have to face the pandemic alone! Watching all the videos from passionate players made me realise again that table tennis and its strong family can work small wonders: No matter who and where they were, no matter how much their lives have been interrupted, people from 171 countries and territories invited us into their homes, demonstrating fun, unity and solidarity through table tennis. The nomination for this matter of being there for each other flatters us.” Julia Tappendorf, ITTF Foundation Global Programmes and Operations Coordinator

We are shortlisted together with 9 other innovative initiatives and organisations in this category.

Watch this video to briefly re-visit the 2020 celebrations!

TTU is our first fundraising campaign and another response to the crisis challenging the global sports community. Powered by us and supported by the International Table Tennis Federation and World Table Tennis, we see it as our responsibility to support the table tennis family. Thanks to 56 generous supporters, we have been able to already provide aid to 34 individuals and initiatives from all over the world.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Sports Business Awards for nominating this campaign, but also to again raise awareness that the application process is still open and that the grant panel is still analysing all incoming applications! You need help? Or you can provide help? Join or apply for our campaign here!

Within the “Coronavirus Innovation Award: Compassion”, 8 other initiatives and organisations have been shortlisted.

We congratulate all the other finalists and thank the Sport Business Awards for our nomination.

We know that Covid-19 is still present in many parts of the world. Thus, we kindly (and strongly) ask you to keep staying positive and testing negative!

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