Royal support for ground breaking Thai initiative

BBG (Bounce Be Good) Club is a project founded in 2016 by Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha; she had concerns about the importance of developing cognitive and behavioural skill in children and adolescents, especially the underprivileged and those who had fallen into the world associated with crime.

The mission is to bring out the best potential and passion for sport among underprivileged young people.In order to fulfill the goals set, the club has an holistic development programme aimed at creating sporting excellence, as well developing skills to create professional athlete career paths for the young people in the club.Notably, the programme is not just limited to sport; it also extends to emotional training, education and social skills. The project provides courses and training that teach children to be emotionally tolerant and capable of controlling tempers.

Therefore, in order to help them in their education, the club works with Bangkokthonburi University in providing scholarships for athletes to help them gain a Bachelor’s Degree. In order to complete the schedule, the BBG Club offers courses that educate young people on manners and acceptable behaviour in society; these aspects help the children to become adults who will make a positive contribution to society. It is the view endorsed by Nithijchaya Srisukpornchai, the club’s Vice President.

“Our athletes must be givers, so that others may likewise receive, just as they had once received in kind.” Nithijchaya SrisukpornchaiAdditionally, Mrs. Ekaphop Detkriangkraisorn, BBG Sport Club President, is convinced that all the efforts of the team will give these children a better future.

We work hard to improve these underprivileged children’s lives through sport. We see and believe that they have potential. Today our belief has been proven to be true; these children and young people can excel in national level competitions. They are much more confident. They are driven to improve themselves, to be better. They have changed.” Ekaphop Detkriangkraisorn

Last month Leandro Olvech, the ITTF Foundation Director, visited Thailand to experience at first had the ground breaking project.

“Excellent project to reinsert children with behaviour difficulties, I am surprised by the magnitude of the initiative which is aligned with foundation principles and values. We look forward to co-operating with them. We applaud Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha, the Table Tennis Association of Thailand and all people involved in this project.” Leandro Olvech

Currently, the BBG Club has 374 participants of whom 223 attend the table tennis programme. The other athletes participate in the recently included sports, badminton and football.

Notably, 37 per cent of the athletes are studying or have finished a Bachelor’s Degree, while the rest have completed their high school education.

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