Our Ambassador Ryu Seung-min and TT4ALL Coordinator Mayssa Bsaibes join the ITTF Sustainability Committee!

We are delighted to announce that two remarkable individuals, Ryu Seung-min and Mayssa Bsaibes, have recently joined the ITTF Sustainability Committee! Led by the Committee Chair Mawuko Afadzinu and joined by Majd Albalooshi, Jan Fitzgerald, and Daniel Valero, the mission of the ITTF Sustainability Committee is to promote and encourage sustainable and responsible practices across all aspects of table tennis. Ryu and Mayssa, bringing diverse experiences and rich insights from their unique perspectives, are poised to enhance the Committee's efforts.

Ryu is the Ambassador of the ITTF Foundation, who has been active in promoting and engaging in our programmes over the years, amplifying the positive impacts of various projects. As the 2004 Olympic gold medalist and current President of the Korea Table Tennis Association (KTTA), member of the ITTF Executive Board, and the first Vice-Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission since 2021, he has been significantly bridging the Asian table tennis community and contributing to the global development of table tennis.

Mayssa is our dedicated TT4ALL Coordinator and the driving force behind World Table Tennis Day. She has been combining her passion for table tennis with social development initiatives in various areas, including improving women’s representation and leadership in sports and advocating for gender equality in the Middle East. As an International Olympic Committee (IOC) Young Leader, Mayssa has also worked on the project to build sustainable table tennis tables, bats, and nets for children in Lebanon facing economic and political challenges.

Additionally, both Ryu and Mayssa are members of the IOC Sustainability and Legacy Commission. Their valuable and diverse skill sets, experience and insights in various aspects will not only enrich the ITTF Sustainability Committee but also strengthen the Foundation’s commitment to sustainability.

We look forward to continuing our efforts with Ryu and Mayssa, dedicated to promoting a more sustainable environment through the transformative power of table tennis. Congratulations, Ryu Seung-min and Mayssa Bsaibes!

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