Ramón ORTEGA MONTES has joined the ITTF Foundation team as Programmes Coordinator.

Ramón, better known as Moncho, brings on board deep experience in all possible roles in the world of table tennis: from training players to coaches, umpires, referees; being tournament organiser, competition manager, technical delegate, classifier, masseur or official – you name it. Moncho has done each one of these roles over the course of these years while also actively promoting table tennis for 20 years.

With over 11 years of experience working with the ITTF’s Development and Education departments, and as president of Fundación Segundo y Santiago Montes, he is a valuable addition to the ITTF Foundation. He will be coordinating various projects, among them our Dream Building Fund projects and the Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championships, bringing his personal flair for capacity-building as the Foundation works further on leading projects towards autonomy.

His background in education, sports pedagogy and table tennis came in handy when developing courses and materials to train coaches and umpires. Through his courses, Moncho empowered sport teachers to make table tennis part of the physical education curriculum in schools all over the world.

Moncho is well-versed in the fields of social responsibility and international social cooperation due to the work of his foundation. Most of their work takes place in Meanguera, one of the poorest regions in El Salvador. There they run different programmes like providing baskets with basic food for the elderly without resources or piping potable water to impoverished regions. The latest big project is the construction of a private university, now autonomously managed by the locals and without the need for resources from the global North.

“This is a great opportunity to be working with my two greatest passions. I have been involved with table tennis since I was 17 years old, and helped people to reach their full potential. I’ve been more directly involved with social development through my foundation since 2011, always with that motu proprio, helping and supporting people.“ Moncho says.



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