Jia Li, joins the ITTF Foundation as a Communication Coordinator.

As the new Communication Coordinator at the ITTF Foundation, Jia is a Marketing enthusiastic and a sport fan. With over 8 years of experience in Marketing and Communication, as well as her proficiency in English and Mandarin Chinese, she will be coordinating the communication effort in the Foundation with the support of all team members. Having spent all her career in the corporate world, Jia is known as the SEO specialist, content strategist, and a curious experimentalist. She is a firm believer of the positive impact sports can bring, both physically and socially, and decided to listen to that little voice in her and dedicate her expertise to what she truly believes in - that everyone are created equal, and no one should be left behind.

"Despite the ever-growing effort in striving gender equality, stereotypes and biases on tradition gender roles are evident in all aspect of our lives. In fact, equality is a broad term of a bigger scope, that transcends all ideology and should be celebrated by all, whoever you are, and wherever you come from".

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