Christian Belter, founder of marketing agency makai Europe GmbH, is the new ITTF Foundation's Marketing Manager.

Christian brings on board 18 years of experience in international marketing from the the sports, advertising and corporate business sectors. Some of his most notable engagements being the 1999 All Africa Games, the 2004 Olympic Summer Games and 2014 Olympic Winter Games where he managed marketing and partner relations.

He has also led projects that focus on bringing positive social change to communities through action by creating and implementing fundraising and marketing strategies for UNESCO’s ‘Bed in the clouds’ project and Heart for Children’s ‘Our car for Baku’.

Banking on the potential of digital communications, he believes you can transport the ideas, effects and results of using table tennis for good to millions and billions of people within hours and provide a shining example for positive social change almost anywhere in the world.

Christian’s addition to the team is timely and his contribution in developing deep and meaningful relationships with our existing and potential partners for the advancement of our goals key, while strengthening the ITTF Foundation brand.

"I grew up in East Germany as an athlete, and I know there is a very strong relationship between sport and our own mindset. So, in order to help deal with some of the problems and challenges humanity faces today - sport has a lot of potential, in particular to help make this world a better place".


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