It is with great pleasure that we welcome Ms. Vita Dani into the esteemed ITTF Foundation family, as she assumes the role of a distinguished member of our Governing Board. As the founder of the Dani Foundation, headquartered in India, Ms. Dani has consistently endeavoured to effect meaningful change through her initiatives in sports and philanthropy. Her organization is dedicated to fostering a self-sufficient society by empowering individuals and involving communities through transformative societal actions.

This commitment extends to the promotion of holistic learning, well-being, improved livelihoods, and the advancement of physical literacy. Furthermore, Ms. Dani serves as the co-founder of ELMS Sports Foundation, an organization devoted to advancing India's progress through the cultivation of physical literacy and the development of athletes.

With a fervent passion for table tennis, Ms. Dani has embarked on a transformative journey to catalyse the growth of Indian table tennis. In her capacity as the Chairperson of Ultimate Table Tennis, she is reshaping the landscape, ensuring accessibility across all segments of society, and orchestrating multiple tournaments spanning 25 states in India.

Beyond her instrumental role in shaping the trajectory of Indian table tennis, Ms. Dani also assumes the position of co-owner of the Chennaiyin Football Club, a top-tier entity in Indian football.

“I would like to begin by thanking the ITTF Foundation for this honour. It is a great feeling to be inducted into an organisation that aligns perfectly with my vision for the growth of table tennis and its impact on the community. Sport in general is a great connector, a teacher and an equaliser. And Table Tennis is a sport that anybody can play. It has great mental and physical benefits and our aim is to spread that message and make the game accessible to everyone. “ – Ms. Vita Dani, ITTF Foundation Governing Board Member.

“I am delighted to welcome Ms. Vita Dani to the ITTF family as a new member of the ITTF Foundation Governing Board. Her passion for growing our sport and using it as a catalyst for development makes her a valuable member. Her dedication to sport is truly commendable. We are confident that her contributions to our sport and her steadfast commitment to the ITTF Foundation will yield a profoundly positive impact.” - Petra Sörling, ITTF and ITTF Foundation President.

Ms. Dani will join Petra Sörling, Steve Dainton, HRH Princess Zeina Rashid of Jordan, Bruce Burton, Stefano Bosi, Leandro Olvech on the ITTF Foundation Governing Board.

Dr. Alaa Meshref has assumed the role of ITTF Vice-President overseeing Finances, thereby moving to become an integral member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. We express our gratitude for his work done as a member of the Governing Board.

The ITTF Executive Board extends a warm welcome to Ms. Dani and acknowledging her invaluable presence on the ITTF Foundation Governing Board.

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