Mayssa Bsaibes has joined the ITTF Foundation team as the World Table Tennis Day Officer

“I shifted my career to follow my passion which is table tennis. My aim is to deliver positive change and make the world a better place through table tennis, by acting as a role model for the youth in Lebanon. My vision is to show how table tennis can be inclusive and accessible for everyone by uniting all people around the table.”

Originally hailing from Falougha in Lebanon, Mayssa was a former Lebanese table tennis champion who competed in many international championships. She coordinated several table tennis projects which contributed to the increase of female participation in table tennis across Lebanon. Mayssa was selected as the promoter for the World Table Tennis Day 2021 and 2022, and represented the Lebanese Table Tennis Federation. She managed these events by using table tennis as a tool to foster strong, positive connections between diverse groups in the Lebanese community.

Mayssa is an Architect by profession, and holds a Master of Business Administration in Management and International Affairs. She is currently pursuing her PhD on Women Representation and Leadership in Lebanese Sports. In addition to that, Mayssa is an International Olympic Committee Young Leader, with her table tennis project titled Kee-PING Hope. Through this project, she is mixing her career with her passion to create table tennis tables from waste materials and place them in environments where children can use and benefit from their positive social and mental outcomes. In recognition of her efforts, her passion, and her ability to make positive change through sport, she was also selected this year to be a member at the International Olympic Committee Sustainability and Legacy Commission.

“My focus will be to spread the WTTD 2023 with a sustainable approach which embodies the spirit of our saying for this year – “Think Sustainability, Act Now” – and bring joy and fun for the table tennis community Worldwide. I also want to use my voice as a platform to invite people from all the continents to bond together and celebrate the WTTD 2023 in a special way. I am delighted to join the ITTF Foundation team. This was a dream for me that came true. Do not lose hope and always fight for your dreams.”


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