ITTF Foundation Third Quarter 2021 Update

With minor delay, this report details the results that the ITTF Foundation has achieved in the third quarter of 2021, together with our generous partners, dedicated project leaders, and the table tennis community worldwide. It highlights the ways in which the ITTF Foundation has lived our core value – solidarity through table tennis – by supporting positive social change through programmes across continents.

As part of our Solidarity through Table Tennis initiative, the table tennis community stood united and ensured the Afghan national team’s participation in WTT Star Contender Doha and the Asian Table Tennis Championships in Qatar remained unaffected. Upon finishing both games, the Afghan athletes proceed to visit the Afghan evacuees in an asylum seekers compound in Doha.

2021 ITTF Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championships, a highlight for the ITTF Foundation, took place between 9-11 September in Berlin, Germany. The tournament saw 136 Parkinson’s fighters from 24 countries pursuing medals and companionships in our favourite sport. After the success of the first two editions in New York (2019) and Berlin (2021), the ITTF Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championships is to become an annual consolidated tournament for Parkinson’s fighters worldwide.

After the long-dormant due to Covid-19, the ITTF Foundation was finally able to get back in the field. Our first trip has brought us to Côte d'Ivoire for the first test course of Tables 4 ALL. Together with our partner Ping sans Frontières, eight tables were built during the course and donated to local schools to break down barriers to access table tennis and equipment.

With great merit, we are happy to report that we have received over 134 applications for the new round of calls for the Dream Building Fund powered by GSD. Thank you to those who have submitted your projects; it has been a pleasure for us here at the Foundation to get to know the innovative projects and approaches that aim to bring positive social change through table tennis.

FEMpowerment is slowly transiting to gender equity with us signing the Brighton Declaration. We are glad to share that the ITTF Foundation now embraces the gender-inclusive language across all communication channels, and we encourage all ITTF Group, Member Associations, and our partners to do the same. Ping Pong Diplomacy will be the theme for 2022 World Table Tennis Day and is expected to be the centre message of our major campaigns and events until the end of 2022.

The ITTF Foundation Quarterly Update examines the progress made despite the Covid-19 challenges – as well as the flexibility our project managers and local communities exhibit. Our journey of using table tennis for development continues, as we look forward to the opportunities ahead, beyond the prevailing threat of Covid-19.


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