ITTF Foundation Signed the Brighton Declaration

Taking the next step on FEMpowerment and gender equity, the ITTF Foundation has become the second entity among the ITTF Group to join around 600 other international organisations in signing the Brighton Declaration.

The signing ceremony took place online on October 18, during ITTF Foundation’s presentation leading up to the ITTF Group Annual General Meeting. Witnessed by over 130 participants, Leandro Olvech (ITTF Foundation Director) and Game Mothibi (International Working Group on Women and Sport Representative) signed the Brighton Declaration virtually, marking the beginning of further efforts toward gender equity for the table tennis community.

The ITTF Foundation has always been on the forefront of gender equity. Having started with FEMpowerment for World Table Tennis Day 2021, we are dedicated to supporting the ongoing development of a fairer and more inclusive sport system for women and girls. – Leandro Olvech, ITTF Foundation Director.

Developed and established by International Working Group on Women and Sport in 1994, the Brighton Declaration complements all sporting, local, national, and international charters, laws, codes, and regulations relating to equity in sport and physical activity. The signatories commit to upholding the ten principles that enable women and girls to freely and safely participate, compete and build careers in sport and physical activity.

On behalf of the International Working Group on Women and Sport, I would like to welcome the ITTF Foundation onboard. Together we can make a difference and create huge impact on the lives of women and girls worldwide. – Game Mothibi, Board Member of the International Working Group on Women and Sport Representative.


This is an important step for the ITTF Foundation to establish our leading position in FEMpowerment and gender equity in the table tennis community. By signing the Brighton Declaration, we wish to create a snowball effect, among our Member Associations and all stakeholders, to take part and make the world a more equal place. – Karine Teow, ITTF Foundation Head of Programmes.

The signing of the Brighton Declaration marks only the beginning of the ITTF Foundation’s mission in promoting gender equity in the sports world. To create a sustainable table tennis culture that enables and values the full involvement of girls and women, the ITTF Foundation is looking to establish projects that support disadvantaged groups based on their gender identity and create a positive impact on their lives.

In addition to signing the Brighton Declaration, the ITTF Foundation is also following the principles of the Guidelines for Gender-responsive Sports Organisations produced by UN Women Turkey. We promote the use of inclusive language and shine a spotlight on women and girls’ participation in table tennis to raise awareness and inspire others. – Julia Tappendorf, ITTF Foundation Global Programmes and Operations Coordinator.



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