ITTF Foundation at the International Federation Seminar in Lausanne

ITTF Foundation shares insights on sports diplomacy at the International Federation Seminar in Lausanne!

The ITTF Foundation was invited to participate in the prestigious International Federation (IF) Seminar held on May 14th at the Maison du Sport International in Lausanne, Switzerland. Represented by its director Leandro Olvech and on behalf of the ITTF Group, the ITTF Foundation was among the esteemed organisations invited to present at the seminar.

As this year’s IF Seminar was particularly notable for its focus on sports diplomacy, a theme resonating deeply with one of the ITTF Foundation’s programmes, the director delivered a compelling presentation that delved into the rationale behind the establishment of the ITTF Foundation, its alignment with the ITTF's broader objectives, and the pivotal role of table tennis plays in sports diplomacy. Part of the focus of the presentation was on the ITTF Foundation’s "Ping Pong Diplomacy" programme, showcasing how table tennis can serve as a powerful medium to bridge political relationships and foster international dialogue.

A highlight of the ITTF Foundation's commitment to peace through sport was exemplified by the World Table Tennis Day celebration in 2022, themed "Peace on the Table." This event underscored the Foundation’s dedication to promoting harmony and understanding through the sport of table tennis. Also, the unification of the Korean teams during the 2018 World Table Tennis Championships and for the rest of that year, was another significant moment highlighting the sport’s diplomatic potential. This historic collaboration played a crucial role in the establishment of the ITTF Foundation, emphasising the sport's power to foster unity and cooperation.

Bringing together various perspectives and experiences, the seminar also featured an impressive lineup of speakers. Besides the ITTF Foundation, which stands from an IF’s point of view, the other speakers included Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff, PhD, a sports diplomacy and communications expert; Christian Klaue, Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs at the IOC; and Kit McConnell, Sports Director at the IOC. Their insights, combined with the Foundation’s presentation, provided a comprehensive view of how sports can be harnessed for diplomatic purposes.

The positive response to the ITTF Foundation’s presentation at the IF Seminar, which was organized by the City of Lausanne and the Foundation Lausanne Olympic Capital, is a testament to the Foundation’s valuable contributions and its potential for future collaborations.

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