ITTF Foundation Releases Its Strategic Plan

The ITTF Foundation has launched its Strategic Plan for 2022-2025 with four strategic priority areas: Programmes, Organisation & Governance, Promotion, and Fundraising & Partnerships. This outlines the Foundation’s strategy, priorities, and organisational growth for the next three years, while some of the included actions have already been implemented during 2022. These four strategic priorities will be underpinned by 7 goals, 26 objectives, and 27 actions and key indicators.



  • We will strengthen and improve existing ITTF Foundation programmes and projects by developing coherent theories of change, impact measurement and capacity building.
  • We will expand existing Foundation activities.

Organisation & Governance

  • We will increase the recognition of the Foundation as an international organisation with strong governance.


  • We will have repositioned ourselves, establishing a strong identity as a not-for-profit organisation with powerful impact stories and case studies demonstrating the changes we have made in the communities in which we operate.
  • We will enhance equitable, timely access to Foundation programmes/projects.

Fundraising & Partnerships

  • We will get to a position whereby the amount of income generated by additional sources is expanded and diversified, thereby reducing the reliance on the ITTF and existing funding partners. Our vision is to create a sustainable set of income streams that not only support the organisation’s financial goals but also increase awareness of who we are and the impact we have.
  • We will increase the number of multi-year sponsors, donors, partners, and grant givers across all income streams to meet our strategic goals and deliver impact to more people.

“This strategic plan is crucial to our work for the coming years, with global and local organisations and as an independent organisation created by the ITTF. As part of the ITTF Group, we have developed our Strategic Plan in line with the ITTF Strategic Plan 2018-2024.

We are delighted to release our Strategic Plan, which has been done with close guidance and invaluable input from our Governing Board, ITTF Member Associations, project partners, corporate associations, sponsors, and ITTF group officials and staff.

Launching this Strategic Plan marks our readiness to expand our programmes and achieve greater impacts through replication in more countries and territories. We aim to inspire the table tennis community and set examples; we want them to follow us on using our sport as a tool for human development” - Leandro Olvech, ITTF Foundation Director.


Download the ITTF Foundation Strategic Plan 2022-2025

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