ITTF Foundation Pledges to Create a Better World Through Sport for All

The ITTF Foundation has signed the Pledge during the TAFISA World Congress on June 9, 2022.

Together with other 17 international sport organisations, the signatories seek to contribute to the objectives of key European and International policy papers. Additionally, to strive to create opportunities and easy, safe, and inclusive access to participation in Sport for All, including health-enhancing physical activities and physical education at all levels.

The ITTF Foundation believes that Sport for All is a fundamental right and sport brings positive social change. We need to set an example for our stakeholders, on an international, national, and regional level. Only if we commit to promote Sport for All can we inspire others to do the same. - Wiebke Scheffler, ITTF Foundation Head of Operation.



Sport for All in a changing world

Within the congress, ITTF Foundation also contributed the impulse speech for the parallel session "International Organisations go Grassroots" and presented the INTERACT Project. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, this project supports international sport organisations in developing their Sport for All activities and increasing grassroots participation.  

While international sport organisations play an undoubtedly crucial role in creating a better world through Sport for All, the discussion in the congress session surrounded the importance of the grassroots approach. The international sport organisations are encouraged to leverage their wide reach to inspire, innovate, and adapt, maximise accessibility for all in sports on the grassroots level, as well as to create a platform to exchange insight and communicate progress.  

The participating organisations such as the International Tchoukball Federation, World Badminton Federation and the Union Cycliste Internationale presented their work, demonstrating Sport for All and the connection between sport and sustainability in all forms.



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