ITTF Foundation at the ITTF Summit 2023

ITTF Foundation was an integral part of the ITTF Summit 2023 held in Bangkok, Thailand from the 22nd to the 24th August. The Summit encapsulated a series of enlightening discussions, significant decisions, and milestone announcements that are poised to shape the future of table tennis. The event witnessed fervent participation from global table tennis stakeholders, athletes, and enthusiasts.

The Open Forum on the New Strategic Plan of the ITTF Group was a fitting opening act, as Petra Sörling (President of the ITTF Group) and Steve Dainton (ITTF Group CEO) unveiled an all-encompassing roadmap for the sport’s future that followed three pillars: Governance and Sustainability, Business Growth and Society and Health.

Our director, Leandro Olvech, added to the discourse by highlighting the emerging discipline of Parkinson’s table tennis. He emphasised the sport’s remarkable impact on neurological disorders and revealed the upcoming World Parkinson’s Table Tennis Championships, a highlight of the upcoming World Table Tennis for Health Festival (WTT4HF), happening in Crete, Greece from 1 to 5 November.

Moreover, the Foundation staff also got an opportunity to inform attendees about the Festival while engaging them with fun activities and games based on table tennis at the ITTF Foundation booth.

We were also proud to see the booth for the GEDI (Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) Action Plan 2025, to spread awareness about the ITTF Group´s commitment to embrace diversity, and ensure table tennis addresses this key social aspect of sustainability.

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