ITTF Foundation at Club International Leipzig: Embarking on a new chapter of collaboration and positive change

As the ITTF Foundation marks its 5th anniversary since inception in Leipzig, it continues to propel its commitment to global development through table tennis. The Foundation is not only commemorating this milestone but is actively forging ahead by strengthening its ties with the city and its vibrant local community. On January 11th, 2024, the ITTF Foundation was honoured to be a part of the English Lounge session at Club International Leipzig, where it shared its impactful achievements and showcased the profound influence of table tennis as a catalyst for positive global change.

A Night of Inspiring Exchange and Future Collaboration

Particular thanks to our host, Mr. Erik Raule, the first EnglishLounge of 2024 at Club International Leipzig emerged as a dynamic platform for collaborative dialogue, inspirational exchanges, and the cultivation of future partnerships. Distinguished attendees included representatives from Leipzig Table Tennis Association, the Foundation Citizens for Leipzig, International Women's Club, Leutzscher Füchste TTV, the worldwide known local football club RB Leipzig, and students specializing in table tennis from the International Coaching Course (ITK) at Leipzig University. The team of ITTF Foundation passionately presented an insightful overview of its journey, ranging from the foundational story to the highlights, achievements, and ongoing projects within the 5 main programmes: TT Dream Building, TT4All, TT4Health, Ping Pong Diplomacy, and TT Legacy.

Throughout the evening, the focus was firmly on the core values and missions of the Foundation. The presentation not only shed light on the positive impact of table tennis on community development but also underscored the Foundation's commitment to improving gender equality, enhancing health, and fostering a sustainable and peaceful society. The interactive session was filled with attendees’ own experiences and thought-provoking feedback, creating a collaborative atmosphere for future projects aimed at co-creating a better life through table tennis.

Uniting Communities Through Table Tennis: World Table Tennis Day 2024

As part of the TT4All programs, the ITTF Foundation enthusiastically shared information about this year's World Table Tennis Day during the presentation. With a thematic focus on Diversity and Inclusion, World Table Tennis Day 2024 aims to establish an inclusive environment that transcends cultural, ethnic, and social boundaries, making table tennis a unifying sport for individuals from all walks of life. The Foundation encourages everyone to join the celebration and play table tennis together on April 23rd, marking the 10th edition of World Table Tennis Day.

Simultaneously, the event served as an opportune moment to acknowledge the Foundation's 5 years of dedication. The anniversary will be celebrated not only as a lookback to past achievements but as a platform to express gratitude, share insights, and collectively envision a future enriched by the positive influence of table tennis.

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