ITTF Foundation and The Foundation for Global Sports Development Expand Partnership to Support Communities Through Table Tennis

ITTF Foundation and The Foundation for Global Sports Development Expand Partnership to Support Communities Through Table Tennis

ITTF Foundation and The Foundation of Global Sports Development (GSD) have announced a four-year extension of the current partnership to further support social initiatives through the Dream Building Fund powered by GSD.

The extension of the partnership marks the twelfth year of close collaboration between the two organisations. With new goals and initiatives set for 2021-2024, both ITTF Foundation and GSD are looking to provide financial and knowledge support to field projects using Table Tennis as a tool for development, education, and peace around the world.

Dream Building Fund powered by GSD

Sponsoring field projects that aim to solve problems within local communities using Table Tennis, the Dream Building Fund is a bi-annual open call for initiatives that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

David Ulich, GSD President pointed out:

As the Dream Building Fund continues to make a remarkable impact in its host regions, we are delighted to pledge our continued support of the project. We share ITTF Foundation’s objective to advance the UN SDGs, and the Dream Building Fund exemplifies the power of sport in achieving those goals.

Building on the initial success of Dream Building Fund, the new Dream Building Fund powered by GSD foresees a greater reach with the support of GSD. As the organisation duplicates its financial support with the renewed and expanded partnership, new goals have been identified for 2021-2024. These goals include:

  • 15 Dream Building Fund projects supported.
  • 10 running Dream Building Fund projects.
  • 4 project videos to promote the filed work and its impact.
  • 2 Table Building workshops for selected Dream Building project participants.
  • 2 Video-Making on Mobile Phone workshops to help project participants promote their work with minimum equipment.

Video-Making on Mobile Phone workshop

ITTF Foundation and GSD will jointly develop a Video-Making on Mobile Phone workshop. This is an effort to help project leaders to promote their work with minimum equipment.

Leandro Olvech, ITTF Foundation Director recalled:

We have seen amazing work done in the field with Dream Building Fund, be it the smile on a child’s face while playing Table Tennis, or refugees having fun smashing balls in a camp. The impact is so powerful that we wish everyone could see. Unfortunately, many of our project participants are limited in technical equipment and therefore struggle to showcase their work. With the Video-Making on Mobile Phone workshop, we teach project participants how to document and promote their work using a mobile phone, hoping to inspire and encourage more people to take part in using Table Tennis for development.

Since 2009, GSD and the former body of ITTF Foundation have been working together to support and foster positive social change around the world.

We want to thank GSD for their trust and support. United by the shared belief in using sport for development, the renewed and expanded partnership will engage and empower more project leaders in their quests to solve community challenges.

Said Leandro Olvech.

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