A Powerful Partnership for Enduring Social Impact

The ITTF Foundation is delighted to announce a transformative partnership with Swaythling Club International (SCI), driven by their shared vision of utilising table tennis to create positive change. SCI has come onboard as a supporter of the Foundation to promote the sport's benefits, foster development, and have a lasting impact on communities worldwide. With aligned objectives, the partnership focuses on ensuring the continuance of the Emergency Relief Fund and boosting the inaugural World Table Tennis for Health Congress.

"I am delighted by this contract signed between the ITTF Foundation and SCI, and I would like to thank Leandro Olvech, the Director of the Foundation, for the fruitful exchanges and discussions that led us to this contract," says Claude Bergeret, SCI President. "In fact, the ITTF Foundation and SCI share the same aims of assisting those in need, supporting ITTF Member Associations facing challenges after natural catastrophes, and promoting research in health and sports related to table tennis. I am particularly pleased that SCI will financially support the ITTF Foundation's Emergency Relief Fund for Turkey after the recent earthquakes, as well as the World Table Tennis for Health Congress 2023, taking place in Greece in November 2023. We are eager to continue our cooperation in the coming years."

Leandro Olvech, Director of the ITTF Foundation, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: "We have identified areas of mutual interest to develop this partnership, such as supporting those ITTF Member Associations in difficult situations after natural or human-made disasters – Turkey being a clear example after the recent earthquakes. Additionally, we are committed to supporting the use of table tennis for health and enhancing people's quality of life. The collaboration with SCI aligns perfectly with these goals, and we are thrilled to work together."

Ensuring the Long-Term Existence of the Emergency Relief Fund

A fundamental objective of the partnership is to secure the long-term existence of the ITTF Foundation's Emergency Relief Fund. This fund plays a vital role in providing support to table tennis communities affected by natural or human-made disasters. SCI's financial contribution toward this cause will strengthen the fund's capacity to respond promptly and effectively during times of crisis. Through this collaboration, the partnership aims to provide continuous assistance to affected communities, aiding their recovery and reconstruction efforts.

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Boosting the World Table Tennis for Health Congress

The ITTF Foundation and SCI are equally committed to enhancing the impact of the World Table Tennis for Health Congress. This event, scheduled for November 2023 in Greece, aims to explore and promote the health benefits of table tennis. SCI's financial support as a supporter toward this congress will help expand its reach and influence. The congress will bring together experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts from around the world to exchange knowledge and establish best practices for integrating table tennis into health-related programmes.

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The ITTF Foundation and SCI are excited to embark on this journey together, sharing common goals and a vision for a better future. This cooperation will empower individuals, support communities, and enhance the world of table tennis.

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