Happy World Table Tennis At Home Day 2020!!!

Turn your calendar one last time… no wait… IT IS APRIL 6! Unbelievable how time flies! So, there are no excuses anymore: Celebrate with us! NOW!

During the past weeks, the 6th edition of the World Table Tennis Day experienced a tough time due to the COVID-19 pandemic and words like postponement and cancellation were included in our discussions.

With previous annual celebrations officiated successfully in Argentina, Nepal, USA, Denmark, Jordan and Uganda, this year was meant to spotlight completely different. Luckily, we found a digital way to be physically distanced, but socially united focussing on the power of table tennis to stay safe, active and healthy by flattening the curve and blocking the virus!

EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE needs to know that even in this difficult time facing a severe pandemic NO ONE IS ALONE – including you, your family and friends!

We have already started over a week ago collecting videos of people showing us their most creative return from the end of the table in order to create the craziest longest table tennis online rally! Have a look yourself! Get inspired! Share it! Love it!

So far, we have received almost 800 videos and photos showing how people are celebrating this very special day at their homes; we can count 226 registered events and a total of 99 participating countries! But we won’t stop here!

Check if your flag is already raised here, if not you can raise it by simply submitting a video of how and where you are celebrating! We want to have every country in the world raising its flag! We count on you!

Help us to break last year’s record of 922 events in 107 countries!

Let staying in quarantine become a bit less boring and a bit more fun. It is your choice HOW, but the important thing is to show us and to let us know your NAME and COUNTRY in order to see which countries will conduct the most celebrations!

You’re still not sure what to do? No worries, contact us through our social media channels (@ittffoundation) or via email, or start by baking a cake or turn on the 24h marathon of #UltimateWTTD to win amazing prizes.

So, join us spreading solidarity through table tennis – not a virus – by registering your home celebration or showing us how you celebrate this very special World Table Tennis Day 2020. We can’t wait to see it!

Table Tennis. For ALL. For LIFE. For HEALTH!

For any queries related to COVID-19 and how it affects ITTF Foundation activities, please contact:

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